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Independent evaluation


An independent evaluation of SiREN was undertaken by John Scougall Consulting Services in May 2015. The evaluation had two objectives:

  1. To identify the value SiREN adds to the sexual health and blood-borne virus sector in terms of:
    a. Strengthening sector capacity
    b. Building partnerships
    c. Long-term health for consumers
  2. To provide a formative (program development) perspective that identifies options to improve and refine the SiREN model.

In order to answer these objectives a mixed method approach was undertaken, which involved a:

  • desktop document analysis;
  • program description and logic workshop;
  • qualitative interviews;
  • on-line survey; and
  • case studies.

The evaluation was overall very uplifting and included some clear messages about where SiREN needs to focus their future efforts.

Please click on the links below to view the report: