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Terms of reference

SiREN is a partnership between researchers, service providers and policymakers. SiREN facilitates evidence-informed policy and practice in Western Australia by:

  • Providing project-focussed planning and evaluation support
  • Developing research and evaluation skills
  • Identifying and promoting opportunities for cross-jurisdictional collaboration
  • Developing and disseminating evidence and publications.

These actions place WA in a strong position to fully participate in and direct the national evidence-building agenda to prevent and manage sexually transmitted infections and blood-borne viruses.

SiREN is coordinated by the Collaboration for Research, Evidence and Impact in Public Health (CERIPH) (formerly the Western Australian Centre for Health Promotion Research). CERIPH was established in 1986 and is a multi-disciplinary research centre within the School of Public Health at Curtin University. CERIPH has expertise in the development, implementation and evaluation of intervention research and will provide ongoing support and expertise to the SiREN Project.

SiREN is supported by the Sexual Health and Blood-borne Virus Program (SHBBVP) within the WA Department of Health. SHBBVP’s mission is to coordinate and plan the public health response to HIV/AIDS, hepatitis B and C, and sexually transmitted infections within WA.

SiREN Project Governance

During 2015-2016, governance of the SiREN project will continue to use a tiered governance structure to increase the potential for research and evaluation, knowledge dissemination, participation and cross- sector collaboration.

The tiered governance structure comprises the following groups:

  • Management Team – strategic/operational role
  • Project Steering Group – strategic role
  • Interest Group – specialist role
  • SiREN Network – service user role.

The SiREN Project Steering Group, SiREN Management Team and SiREN Network were established during the first two years of the SiREN project. The SiREN Interest Group was established in 2014-2015. Its members are invited to participate as a result of specialist knowledge held in relation to priority SHBBV populations, SHBBV issues and/or the capacity to contribute knowledge and disseminate knowledge within wider networks, including non-SHBBV networks. The SiREN Interest Group will provide specialist knowledge and feedback when required and facilitate cross-sector collaborations when needed.