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Conference Calendar

Following is a listing of upcoming local, national and international conferences relevant to the sector. Please note that this page is updated as notifications of conferences are received by SiREN. If there is a conference that you would like SiREN to include in this list please contact us at

SiREN has developed a video resource to support you to prepare a memorable conference presentation. Watch the video here.

Date Conference Location Summary

14 October, 2020

Asia Pacific HIV Clinical Forum

Bangkok, Thailand.

The forum aims to bridge the knowledge gap between experts and the HIV treating community in the Asia Pacific region. This years theme is: Optimizing Treatment. 

15 - 17 October, 2020

Asia Pacific AIDS & Co-Infections Conference (APACC) 2020

Bangkok, Thailand.

APACC2020 will provide a scientific platform that focuses on the developments, issues, and needs in the Asia Pacific region. The abstract submission deadline is now July 31, and scholarship applications are open until August 3.

19 - 30 October, 2020.

Australian Public Health Conference

Online, Australia. 

#AustPH2020 will be themed 'Public Health action: Response to bushfires, climate and coronavirus’, which responds to a series of realities which, in different ways, are ‘crises’ impacting on public wellbeing. The public health sector has much to contribute to developing responses to these crises which are measured, effective and socially equitable, and are based on evidence and scientific thinking. 

2 - 3 November, 202

Adherence 2020

Online, United States.

This virtual conference will feature the presentation and discussion of antiretroviral therapy and biomedical prevention adherence within the context of optimizing care and prevention continua to achieve HIV epidemic control. Adherence 2020 will consist of 2-days of live-streamed plenary sessions that will be supplemented by pre-recorded panel and oral/e-poster abstract sessions.

16 - 20 November, 2020. 

2020 Australasian HIV&AIDS Conference + 2020 Australasian Sexual Health Conference

Online, Australia.  The conferences will offer state of the art research and case studies to inform our practice. Registration will give you access to live online sessions as well as written and recorded content from the conference. 

27 - 28 January and 3 - 4 February 2021.

HIVR4P // Virtual - HIV Research for Prevention.

Online, Australia. The conference will focus on today’s fast-changing HIV prevention paradigm, incorporating cutting-edge science on COVID-19. Delegates from around the world will be able to access the latest in biomedical HIV prevention research and implementation.

30  May to 1 June 2021.

Australasian Viral Hepatitis Conference.

Online, Australia. The conference is run by ASHM in collaboration with key sector partners as a platform for the dissemination and presentation of new and innovative research findings and better management across the Australasian viral hepatitis sector. The forum will support the health workforce, government and community to work towards the elimination of hepatitis B and hepatitis C and supporting the communities living with these conditions in Australia, New Zealand and the Asia and Pacific regions. Abstract submissions and registrations are now open.