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Conference Calendar

Following is a listing of upcoming local, national and international conferences relevant to the sector. Please note that this page is updated as notifications of conferences are received by SiREN. If there is a conference that you would like SiREN to include in this list please contact us at

SiREN has developed a video resource to support you to prepare a memorable conference presentation. Watch the video here.

June 14-16

3rd International Indigenous Health and Wellbeing Conference

Cairns, Australia

The 3rd International Indigenous Health and Wellbeing Conference is a biennial event hosted by The Lowitja Institute. Attracting a global audience committed to sharing knowledge for the health and wellbeing of First Nations communities it will bring together people working for the health and wellbeing of First Nations peoples.

July 21-22 Indigenous Peoples Conference -HIV and Hepatitis Health Equity Brisbane, Australia

This conference will focus on exploring HIV and Hepatitis with reference to Indigenous peoples and the disparities in HIV/Hepatitis prevention, treatment and management. Abstract submissions are closed

July 21-22 HIV Coinfection and VH Elimination Brisbane, Australia 

This conference will focus on exploring and sharing innovative strategies and approaches that can be utilised to advance the field and ensure progress towards global elimination of hepatitis C and B. Abstract submissions are closed.

July 23-26

12th IAS Conference on HIV Science

Brisbane, Australia

This biennial conference presents the critical advances in basic, clinical and operational HIV research that move science into policy and practice. Through its open and inclusive programme, the meeting sets the gold standard of HIV science, featuring highly diverse and cutting-edge research. Abstract submissions are closed.

September 18-20

Australasian Sexual and Reproductive Health Conference 2023

Sydney, Australia

ASHM. This conference aims to strengthen the linkages between sexual and reproductive health services and rights, offering opportunities for professional development and networking across research, clinical management, prevention, policy and rights. Abstract submissions are closed.

October 17-20

11th International Network on Health and Hepatitis in Substance Users Conference 

Geneva, Switzerland

This international conference will focus on the health of people who use drugs, featuring sessions on Hepatitis, infectious diseases, harm reduction, drug policy and research. Abstract submissions close May 28.