Taskforce on BBVs, Sexual Health and COVID-19. ASHM. The taskforce was established to provide a timely opportunity for the BBV and sexual health sectors to discuss the scientific, clinical, BBV and sexual health service delivery and social implications of COVID-19, and provides consistent and evidence-based messaging to the health workforce, sector partners and community. Bulletins and webinars are released weekly, which you can also keep up to date through ASHM's Twitter.

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Information Hub. Australian Federation of AIDS Organisations. An information hub has been developed by AFAO, which provides up to date and concise local and international information on the impact of COVID-19 on AFAO’s members and communities.

Cultural Safety Portal for Health Professionals. Australian Indigenous HealthInfoNet and the First Peoples Health Unit at Griffith University have developed a Cultural Safety for Health Professionals portal. The portal aims to support teaching health professionals to critically reflect on the concept of cultural safety and to deliver safe, accessible and responsive healthcare that is free from racism. Links are curated to each health profession, and provide Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health and cultural safety resources. 

Treating Hep C for GPs. Hepatitis Queensland has developed a new three-part online video series, packed full of great tips and tools to support GPs in continuing the hepatitis C elimination effort in their practice. View video one: what are the 5 steps & who to screen in your practice, video two: stepping it through in more detail and video three: case study

2020 HIV and Hepatitis Services and Programs Information. You are invited to collaborate on this share document that aims to collate information about HIV and hepatitis service changes and continuity as we transition to working in a pandemic environment. This document was initially prepared by Jen Johnson, as an agreed action from the HIV Intersections Community of Practice Meeting on 25th March.

You Can't Ask That. ABC Network. Ever wanted to know what it's like to live with HIV but have been to afraid to ask? The ABC Network has featured a HIV episode of You Can't Ask That, where you can hear from eight people living with HIV tackle questions like "How could you be so reckless?" and discuss what living with HIV means for them. 

Trust in Digital Health Survey. UNSW Sydney. The Trust in Digital Health study aims to understand how people from a range of different communities are choosing to store and share their personal health information in a variety of digital health systems and technologies. Those who live with HIV, gay and bisexual men, sex workers, and trans and gender diverse people, are encouraged to participate, as current research into these community groups is limited.


23rd International AIDS Conference. The AIDS2020: Virtual conference will enable delegates to access and engage with the latest HIV science, advocacy and knowledge traditionally presented at the conference. It will be a compelling combination of virtual sessions and community networking, including exhibitions, workshops, the Global Village, satellites and pre-conferences, that will reach audiences around the world. Abstract submission deadline is 25 May. 6 -10 July. 

Asia Pacific AIDS & Co-Infections Conference (APACC) 2020. Virology Education. APACC is a conference that provides a much-needed scientific platform that focuses on HIV related developments, issues, and needs in the Asia Pacific region. Abstract submission deadline is 31 July and scholarship application deadline is 3 August. 15 - 17 October, Bangkok, Thailand. 

2020 Joint Australasian HIV&AIDS and Sexual Health Conferences: VIRTUAL. ASHM. The joint conference will now be delivered virtually this year, and ASHM would like to hear your thoughts on how the conference should be run. Click here to complete the short survey. Registration and dates will be announced soon.


ARCSHS Research and Practice Seminar Series. Australian Research Centre in Sex, Health and Society, La Trobe University. This public research seminar, will be delivered by Dr Kiran Pienaar, and will focus on her  recently published research paper: Drugs as technologies of the self: Consuming drugs, (re)making gender and sexuality in LGBTQ cultures. May 20, Online. 

HIV: Shared Care for Chronic Disease Management. ASHM. This webinar will provide participants with an overview of the chronic disease needs of people living with HIV and aims to increase the capacity of the primary care workforce to engage in HIV management. May 27, Online. 

STI's in WA Primary Care. Sexual Health Quarters. The course is intended to provide primary health care professionals with comprehensive education about discussing STIs with patients, and testing for and managing STIs. It includes public health responsibilities and legal issues, and recommends useful online resources for ongoing use. Participants will have one month from the date of enrolment in which to complete units. Online.

Syphilis Outbreak Training. ASHM. Professional development training is now available for health practitioners in regions affected by the ongoing outbreak of infectious syphilis among young Aboriginal people in areas of Qld, NT, WA and SA. The training is suitable for doctors, nurses, midwives, Aboriginal health practitioners and Aboriginal health workers working in affected areas. Online. 

WA AIDS Council Online Training Modules. The WA AIDS Council has recently developed online learning modules titled Module 01 - HIV Facts and Module 02 – BBV Training. Currently, these interactive and engaging online training modules are available free of charge to both the general public and anyone working in the sexual health sector. If you are interested in accessing either of these WA AIDS Council online training modules, please contact Robert Munce at


World Hepatitis Day SWITCH Grants. For World Hepatitis Day 2020, Hepatitis Queensland is providing grants of up to $3000 and $500 to organisations and groups to raise awareness of viral hepatitis in Queensland. See if you are eligible and apply here. 


General Practitioner. Queensland Council for LGBTI Health. The Council are recruiting a GP for Clinic 30, a general practice service that caters to gender diverse populations. For more information click here to contact Lance Schema, the State Manager of Client Services.