SiREN wishes the network a happy holidays!  As the year draws to a close, we would like to thank you for your continued support and engagement with us throughout 2022. The SiREN Team will be on a break from Friday 16th December 2022 to Tuesday 3rd January 2023. Please remember we can always be contacted via email at and have a wealth of resources on our website, and on Twitter. We look forward to working with you all in 2023. We wish you and your loved ones a safe and happy festive period, and all the best for the new year.

SiREN Regional Visit 2023 Expression of Interest. As a part of its five-year grant agreement, SiREN is contracted to undertake two regional visits that focus on the delivery of training or one-on-one support for a project and evaluation. SiREN is inviting regional organisations in WA to submit a proposal for a regional visit that focuses on project planning, research, and/or evaluation related to sexual health and/or blood-borne viruses. Access the regional visit proposal application package here. Additionally, a regional stakeholder survey can be completed to accompany regional visit proposal applications. Applications close January 27.

The Strategic Advisory Group for Evidence Development and Translation in Western Australia (SAGE-WA) was formed in November 2022 as an evaluation of the work of the SiREN Project Steering Group (2012-2022). SAGE-WA exists to ensure that research and evaluation is meeting the needs of the Western Australian sexual health and blood-borne virus (SHBBV) sector. SAGE-WA is seeking expressions of interest to join the group from: 

  • community organisations delivering services for the prevention, control and/or management of HIV, viral hepatitis and/or other STIs in WA
  • organisations which represent or have experience working with priority populations identified in current WA Sexual and Health and Blood-borne Virus Strategies
  • people with lived experiences of accessing STI and BBV services in WA
  • SHBBV researchers, including both qualitative and quantitative researchers and representatives from national and interstate institutions
  • SHBBV clinicians
Applications for membership can be made by emailing and will be assessed by the Chair. Please refer to the SAGE-WA Terms of Reference for more information. 


SiREN attends the 2022 Youth Health Conference. Last month, SiREN's Dr Jacqui Hendriks and Roisin Glasgow-Collins attended the Australian Association for Adolescent Health Youth Health Conference in Melbourne. Dr Jacqui Hendriks presented 'Relationships and sexuality education in schools. The first national survey of Australian parents.' Roisin Glasgow-Collins presented 'Young people and their experience of sexual health services: An online survey and qualitative interviews.' These presentations were also delivered at the SiREN Symposium 2022 and are available for free on-demand access here.

Youth Educating Peers (YEP) Project website launched. The YEP Project has recently launched their new website, developed in collaboration with young people across Western Australia alongside guidance by youth workers. This website provides young people with easily accessible, topical, sex-positive, inclusive and evidence-based sexual health education. Access the new website here.

YEP Annual Sector Survey. The YEP Project is currently surveying youth workers and other professionals who work with young people (eg. teachers, nurses) to explore sexual health and blood-borne virus trends in the youth sector over the last 10 years. The survey takes 20-30 minutes to complete and upon survey completion you have a chance to win a $100 voucher. Access the survey here.

The Friendly Drawings is a co-designed resource developed by Sexual Health Quarters for those working to deliver relationship and sexual health education to young people in communities and schools. These resources aim to provide inclusive and accurate visual representations of sexual and reproductive systems that are appropriate for diverse audiences. The Friendly Drawings resource is available for purchase here.

World AIDS Day is recognised on  December 1 each year, raising global awareness about the issues surrounding HIV and AIDS. The theme for Australia in 2022 is Boldly Positive, which aims to encourage Australians to: educate themselves and others about HIV; take action to reduce the transmission of HIV by promoting prevention strategies; and ensure that people living with HIV can participate fully in community life without experiencing stigma and discrimination. Learn more here.

Trans Awareness Week was celebrated from November 13 to 19, raising awareness of trans and gender diverse people, the issues facing these communities and highlighting opportunities for ways to show up as allies. EmbraceU supports trans, gender diverse and non-binary people in relation to sexual health and blood-borne viruses. Access EmbraceU resources here. 


Exploring the intersections of migration, gender, and sexual health with Indonesian women in Perth, Western Australia. Gray et al., 2022. This article explores the intersection of migration, gender and sexual health amongst Indonesian women. Structural and sociocultural factors (including visa status) influence Indonesian women's sense of belonging while living in Australia, such as help-seeking behaviour and engagement in sexual relationships. Read the full article here.


1st Australasian Conference on Point of Care Testing for Infectious Diseases.  ASHM and RAPID Point of Care Research Consortium for Infectious Disease in the Asia Pacific. This conference will collaborate with leading scientists, clinicians, and other stakeholders to develop a program on the ever-evolving landscape of point-of-care testing (POCT) for infectious diseases and provide an opportunity to discuss challenges and solutions to scaling up POCT in this setting. Abstract submissions close October 30. Sydney. March 14-15.

WA Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Sector Conference 2023.  Aboriginal Health Council of Western Australia. This conference provides an important platform for delegates to collaborate on challenges, share learnings, celebrate successes, showcase new technologies, products, service and ideas to improve the health and wellbeing of Aboriginal people in Western Australia. The theme of the 2023 conference is 'Our Future, Our Way - We are the Leaders of our Communities'. Fremantle. March 29-30.

Harm Reduction International Conference 2023.  ASHM and Harm Reduction International. This biennial conference aims to provide a dynamic forum to share the latest research and discussions on best practices in addressing drug use, harm reduction and human rights. The conference theme is 'Strength in Solidarity', highlighting the importance of strength - as people, a community, and a global movement - in sticking together. Melbourne. April 16-19.

12th IAS Conference on HIV Science. International AIDS Society. This biennial conference presents the critical advances in basic, clinical and operational HIV research that move science into policy and practice. Abstract submissions close January 31. Brisbane. July 23-26.

Australasian Sexual and Reproductive Health Conference 2023.  ASHM. This conference aims to strengthen the linkages between sexual and reproductive health services and rights, offering opportunities for professional development and networking across research, clinical management, prevention, policy and rights. Abstract submissions close May 7. Sydney. September 18-20.


SiREN Short Courses. SiREN has launched free online training modules to support those working in the WA SHBBV sector. Available on-demand, these modules will build your capabilities in health promotion planning and evaluation. These modules will suit you if you are new to public health and to applying a health promotion lens to sexual health and blood-borne viruses, or if you are interested in refreshing your skills and knowledge in this area. The training is open to those working in WA only. Click here to enrol. 

Beyond the C: National Program Launch and Introduction to Case Finding for General Practice. Australasian Society for HIV, Viral Hepatitis and Sexual Health Medicine (ASHM). This webinar includes the launching of the Beyond the C national program and training that will upskill primary healthcare nurses and practice managers in undertaking case finding for hepatitis C in their practice. December 7. Online.

Critical Exploration of Systems Thinking as Applied to Culturally Responsive Evaluation Practice. Australian Evaluation Society. This free seminar examines the potential use of critical systems ideas as applied to multicultural evaluation practices, exploring how critical systems address power and ethics. December 7. Online.

WA STI and BBV Quarterly Forum. WA Department of Health. The Quarterly Forum will include presentations from SiREN's Dr Roanna Lobo and Dr Daniel Vujcich. The theme of this forum is 'Wrap It Up 2022'. December 7. East Perth and Online.

Supporting Cultural Diversity in Healthcare Workshop. Health Consumers' Council WA. This workshop aims to assist healthcare workers and providers to deliver services that are equitable and enable health workers to provide culturally inclusive services that support patient-centred care. December 13. Online.

WA HIV S100 Prescriber Course. ASHM. This course is designed to support clinicians in managing and treating HIV, providing them with the opportunity to establish relationships with local specialist services for ongoing mentoring and referral. February 11. Perth. 

Certificate in Sexual and Reproductive Health (Nursing). Sexual Health Quarters (SHQ). This course is for nurses and midwives wishing to develop detailed knowledge and specialist clinical skills in sexual and reproductive health. February 14-17. Northbridge.

Introduction to Working with Trasn and Gender Diverse People. Shine SA. This online course has been developed to support people in their understanding of gender diversity. It will cover key concepts and terms related to gender diversity and provide an introduction to supporting trans and gender diverse people. Access anytime. Online.

Introduction to Syphilis for Midwives: Western Australia. ASHM. This course is for Western Australian midwives, to develop their skills to confidently discuss sexual health with patients, conduct guideline-based syphilis screening and testing, identify health pathways of pregnancy in syphilis, and initiate contact tracing. The training can be accessed anytime on the ASHM Online Learning System by searching 'Syphilis for Midwives' in the course catalogue. An ASHM login is required.

STIs In WA Primary Care - Online Module. SHQ. This course is intended to provide primary health care professionals with comprehensive education about discussing STIs with patients, and testing for and managing STIs. It includes public health responsibilities and legal issues and recommends useful online resources for ongoing use. Access anytime. Online.

Syphilis Outbreak Training. ASHM. Professional development training is available for health practitioners affected by the ongoing outbreak of infectious syphilis among young Aboriginal people in regions of Queensland, Northern Territory, Western Australia and South Australia.  An ASHM login is required.


Clinician Researcher Training Program. The Western Australian Future Health Research & Innovation Fund. Clinician researchers are well placed to identify issues and research opportunities related to patients and health care delivery, and to promote the translation of findings. The Clinician Researcher Training Program aims to encourage and support clinicians employed by eligible WA Health service providers and public-private partnership providers to undertake formal research training. Applications close January 31. For more information click here.

LGBTIQA+ Youth Empowerment Grants. Youth Affairs Council of Western Australia and Department of Communities. The LGBTIQA+ Youth Empowerment Grants program aims to deliver support and inclusion services for LGBTIQA+ young people, through increased representation, engagement, and participation in decision-making. Financial support between $2,000 - $25,000 is available. Applications close 16 December 2022. For more information click here.

Aboriginal Youth Empowerment Grants. Youth Affairs Council of Western Australia and Department of Communities. The Aboriginal Youth Empowerment Grants program aims to elevate the voice of Aboriginal young people through strengthening representation, enhancing engagement, and building new opportunities to empower Aboriginal young people. Financial support between $2,000 - $25,000 is available. Applications close 9 December 2022. For more information click here.

Community Grants Program. The Office of Multicultural Interests is offering a variety of community grants designed to provide funding to empower culturally and linguistically diverse communities in Western Australia to design, deliver and partner on projects that address their needs. Current funding opportunities include, festivals (up to $10,000), community capacity building (up to $5,000), and strategic projects (up to $50,000 or up to $100,000). Application deadlines vary. For more information click here.