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Access Personalised Support

SiREN can provide strategic planning, evaluation and research support and advice to people with an interest in the WA sexual health and blood-borne virus sector.

If you work in service delivery SiREN can:

Collaborate on projects and provide you with project planning, research and evaluation support that is specific to your needs. You can contact SiREN for support on: How to design your project to increase effectiveness; evaluate outcomes for people accessing services; understanding ethics; clarifying your evaluation and research questions and methods; identifying grants and preparing funding applications; writing abstracts and presenting at conferences; and writing up the findings from your projects to maximise dissemination and more.

If you are a researcher SiREN can:

Connect you with individuals and organisations in Western Australia to support your research; provide you with opportunities to share your research via our Evidence Update emails or biennial symposium; and collaborate on research projects and research translation activities.

If you work in policy SiREN can:

Undertake applied research and evaluation to inform policy development; search for relevant evidence of what works in the peer-reviewed and grey literature; and offer a range of research and evaluation support to your funded organisations. 

Support is free but there are a few criteria we require you to meet (refer to below checklist). If you are unsure if your project meets the criteria please contact SiREN to discuss further.

Organisations accessing support are encouraged to contact SiREN in the early stages of planning where possible.

Start a conversation with the SiREN team by emailing


Checklist for organisations who wish to access SiREN project support
A WA sexual health and blood-borne virus sector organisation OR WA-based organisation that aims to reduce the incidence and impact of sexual health and blood-borne viruses in WA through a strategy and/or initiative
B Project addresses the needs of a priority population*
C Organisation is committed to seeing the project through to completion (resources, capacity and executive support available)
D Organisation is committed to sharing and disseminating findings e.g. through seminar and conference presentations, case study reports and/or journal publications

Priority populations* are:

• Gay men/other men who have sex with men
• People who inject drugs
• Young people 
• Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander populations 
• Sex workers
• People living with HIV and/or other BBVs
• People within custodial settings
• Priority culturally and linguistically diverse (CaLD) groups 
• Migrants and new refugees
• Travellers to/from high STI/BBV prevalence regions
• Health professionals in SHBBV sector


Requests for SiREN project support may need to be prioritised at times and the following criteria will be used.

Criteria used by SiREN to prioritise requests (if required)
1. The project has relevance to the wider SHBBV sector or national research agenda
2. Request for support does not exceed 50% SiREN capacity
3. SiREN support is equitable – agencies in regional, remote and urban areas, small/large organisations, a range of priority populations, requesting organisation’s capacity to access alternative support
4. The risk factors influencing successful completion of the project can be managed
5. The project contributes to building the research and evaluation capacity of the WA SHBBV sector and of other WA-based organisations involved in managing and preventing the transmission of STIs and BBVs
6. The relationship between SiREN and the requesting organisation will be mutually beneficial (e.g. contributes to meeting the key performance indicators for both parties)
7. SiREN is engaged at an appropriate stage of the project planning process