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The PRECEDE-PROCEED model is one of the more comprehensive models used for health promotion program planning. It provides a useful format for assessing priority health issues and identifying factors that should be focused on during an intervention.

PRECEDE is an acronym that describes the planning and developmental stages of the model: Predisposing, Reinforcing, and Enabling Constructs in Ecological Diagnosis and Evaluation.

PROCEED is an acronym that applies to the implementation of strategies and evaluation stages: Policy, Regulatory and Organisational Constructs and Education and Environmental Development

The PRECEDE-PROCEED model emphasises that:

“The determinants of health must be diagnosed before the intervention is designed; if they are not, the intervention will be based on guesswork and will run a greater risk of being misdirected and ineffective.” Green and Kreuter 1999.

Further information on what the PRECEDE-PROCEED model is and how to use it is available in section two of the SiREN SHBBV Program Planning Toolkit, in the Community Toolbox website or the developer Lawrence Green’s website.