Preferences on the Uptake and Completion of One- or Three-Dose Regimen of Benzathine Penicillin G Injection for the Treatment of Late Latent Syphilis 


2023 - 2024.

Project status 

Planning (as of 1 November).

  • Study design: Completed
  • Ethics application: Submitted
  • Waiting for ethics approval to proceed with pre-test and recruitment

Ethics approval


Chief Investigators

Professor Jonine Jancey (Curtin University)


Associate Professor Richard Norman (Curtin University), Associate Professor Jason Ong (Monash University), Dr Daniel Vujcich (Curtin University), Dr Rochelle Tobin (Curtin University), Nang Nge Nge Phoo (Curtin University).

Brief overview

Currently, late latent syphilis is treated with three doses of penicillin injection which are repeated on Day 1, Day 8, and Day 15. Some early research findings suggest that it may be possible to substitute the current treatment with a single dose of high-dose penicillin. This survey aims to understand what factors influence people’s preferences around different treatment options. At least 300 adult gay or bisexual men living in Australia will be invited to take the survey.

Project Outputs and Impacts

This study aims to understand the valued attributes of gay and bisexual men in Australia regarding the uptake and completion of three-dose versus one-dose penicillin injections for late latent syphilis treatment. The findings will help to understand the feasibility and acceptability of the proposed new treatment plan, in the event that a clinical trial demonstrates pharmacokinetic equivalence.