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Conference Calendar

Following is a listing of upcoming local, national and international conferences relevant to the sector. Please note that this page is updated as notifications of conferences are received by SiREN. If there is a conference that you would like SiREN to include in this list please contact us at

SiREN has developed a video resource to support you to prepare a memorable conference presentation. Watch the video here.

Date Conference Location Summary

13-15 May, 2020

Preventive Health Conference Perth, Australia

This event has changed format, and will likely be delivered online. Please check the website for updates. This year, the conference is themed 'CAN DO PREVENTION: effective action in a volatile world. This draws on current developments in preventive health in Australia and beyond, while reflecting on the challenges of the Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity and Ambiguous (VUCA) nature of the world we live in.

26-29th May, 2020

The 10th Asia Pacific Conference Reproductive and Sexual Health and Rights. Siem Reap, Cambodia

This event has been postponed until further notice. This biennial conference will focus on '2030 SDG vision and 2020 realities'. 

4-5 June, 2020

LGBTIQ Women's Health Conference 2020 Sydney, Australia

This event has been postponed until further notice. The annual conference aims to focus on the health and wellbeing of LGBTIQ women, and will focus on the theme of 'Healthy Communities, Healthy Cities'. Abstracts close January 27.

6-10 July, 2020

23rd International AIDS Conference 2020 Online

The AIDS2020 conference will be delivered virtually, with the theme now being AIDS 2020: Virtual. The conference will shine a spotlight on the host cities, San Francisco and Oakland, exploring the tale of these two cities through science, innovation and activism, while underscoring the Bay Area’s dedication to health equity in its “Ending the HIV Epidemic” initiatives.

27-29th July, 2020

2020 National Closing the Gap Indigenous Health Conference Sydney, Australia

This conference has been postponed to February 2021. The 12th Closing the Gap Indigenous Health Conference will explore the great strive in Indigenous communities of closing the gap in Indigenous health and well-being through hardworking partnerships with NGOs, government departments and community-controlled organisations.

27-29th July, 2020

12th Indigenous Men's Wellbeing Conference Sydney, Australia

This conference has been postponed to February 2021. The 12th International Indigenous Men's Health Conference brings together representatives from all states and territories governments, First Nations medical services and mainstream health sectors, community-controlled organisations, First Nations communities, allied health professionals and non-government organisations, researchers and interested individuals.

27-29th July, 2020

12th International Indigenous Women's Wellbeing Conference  Sydney, Australia

This conference has been postponed to February 2021. The 12th International Indigenous Women's Health Conference is based upon the principal belief that Indigenous health must be approached from a holistic view, which encompasses body, mind and spirit; thus, leading to the fundamental rights of self-determination. The conference recognises that treating our health must be done by treating the whole person, through mind, body, soul and culture.

16-18th August, 2020

12th Australasian Viral Hepatitis Conference Brisbane, Australia

ASHM are closely monitoring and considering the potential impact of COVID‑19 on the conference. Please check the website for updates. The conference is run by ASHM in collaboration with key sector partners as a platform for the dissemination and presentation of new and innovative research findings and better management across the Australasian viral hepatitis sector. Through this forum ASHM aim to support the health workforce, government and community to work towards the elimination of hepatitis B and hepatitis C and supporting the communities living with these conditions in Australia, New Zealand and the Asia and Pacific regions. 

21-23 September, 2020 

2020 Australasian HIV&AIDS Conference + 2020 Australasian Sexual Health Conference

Melbourne, Australia

ASHM are closely monitoring and considering the potential impact of COVID‑19 on the joint conference. Please check the website for updates. This years theme is: From Global to Local. In an era of rapid information sharing and increased connectivity, facilitating the sharing of ideas and experiences at a faster rate than ever before. This more connected world brings new challenges for controlling the cross-border migration of pathogens. But it also creates new opportunities for promoting pleasure, rights, and quality of life, beyond just the prioritisation of disease elimination. The conference theme – from global to local – engages with this shifting paradigm. As the world shrinks and our focus adapts, we embrace the goal of achieving optimal sexual health for all.

23-26 September, 2020

2020 World Indigenous Peoples' Conference on Viral Hepatitis

Saskatoon, Canada

At this stage, the conference is still planning to go ahead. Please check the website for updates. Viral hepatitis impacts Indigenous peoples throughout the world at much higher than average rates, harming their physical, spiritual, emotional, social and economic health. This is often a result of the lasting impacts of colonialism, inadequate access to immunisation and treatment, and lethargy on the part of governments to provide culturally-safe healthcare to Indigenous people. To highlight this issue and effect change, Indigenous people, including those with lived and living experience of viral hepatitis, clinicians, researchers and policy-makers will gather in for the World Indigenous Peoples' Conference on Viral Hepatitis. 

8-10 October, 2020.

9th International Conference on Hepatitis Care in Substance Users

Glasgow, Scotland

At this stage, the conference is still planning to go ahead. Please check the website for updates. The INHSU annual conference is a unique opportunity to connect with the global community working to improve health outcomes for people who use drugs including the prevention, treatment and care of hepatitis C. Join with researchers, policy makers, advocates, practitioners and people who use drugs to share knowledge, learn from each other and amplify the evidence. The conference is hosted by the International Network on Hepatitis in Substance Users (INHSU). 

14 October, 2020

Asia Pacific HIV Clinical Forum

Bangkok, Thailand

The forum will now take place on 14 October in Bangkok, Thailand. The forum aims to bridge the knowledge gap between experts and the HIV treating community in the Asia Pacific region. This years theme is: Optimizing Treatment. 

15-17 October, 2020

Asia Pacific AIDS & Co-Infections Conference (APACC) 2020

Bangkok, Thailand

The APACC2020 conference will now take place from 15 - 17 October in Bangkok, Thailand. APACC2020 will provide a scientific platform that focuses on the developments, issues, and needs in the Asia Pacific region. The abstract submission deadline is now July 31, and scholarship applications are open until August 3.