Sexual health and blood-borne viruses are complex public health challenges. Our responses require content knowledge, strong conceptual foundations and a range of skills for effective public health action. These include understanding determinants of health, locating and applying data to a health issue, assessing community needs, developing partnerships, project planning, developing evidence-informed strategies and evaluating interventions. 

SiREN is launching a new pilot program of free online training modules designed to support those working in the Western Australian sexual health and blood-borne virus sector. Available on-demand and commencing October, these modules will build your capabilities in health promotion planning and evaluation. 

These modules will suit you if you are new to public health and to applying a health promotion lens to sexual health and blood borne viruses. Or you may be interested in refreshing your skills and knowledge in this area.  

Each module contains videos, readings and activities applying concepts to a topic of choice. Experienced Curtin staff will support your learning journey. To meet the learning outcomes, plan to spend approximately 2-3 hours completing each module. 

Module 1: Health Promotion Fundamentals 
•    Identifying determinants of health and inequalities for sexual health and BBVs 
•    Understanding behaviour change and health literacy 
•    Applying comprehensive health promotion approaches  

Module 2: Evidence for Health Promotion 
•    Sourcing credible heath information for sexual health and BBVs 
•    Interpreting health data  
•    Assessing evidence to inform practice and policy 

Module 3: Planning for Health Promotion 
•    Applying planning frameworks to sexual health and BBV programs  
•    Writing goals and objectives 
•    Developing a project plan 

Module 4: Evaluating Health Promotion 
•    Identifying ethical considerations for sexual health and BBV programs 
•    Choosing evaluation approaches 
•    Developing an evaluation plan 

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